With BAMBOO's web-based platform, you can manage your properties from a single, friendly, customized platform.

BAMBOO™: The Power to Grow, the Tools to Succeed
The SparkMatrix BAMBOO™ solution is a comprehensive, fully customizable property management platform designed to be tailor made for your unique requirements.

BAMBOO™ allows property managers to manage their application process, tenants, apartment units, lease details, rent-roll, work-order tracking, vacancy reports and much more. It also provides Executives at Home or Regional Offices with real time comprehensive financial, operational and tenant satisfaction reports, with the ability to drill down to the details if needed. Employees simply login securely to retrieve, manipulate, and store operation-critical data from a centralized, easy-to-use platform.

Tailored by an Assessment

Based on an on-site Assessment, SparkMatrix tailors BAMBOO's rich features to suit your property management needs. From a single online dashboard, BAMBOO™ provides you with the following 'modules':

  1. Accounting & Rent Collection Automation
  2. Tenant Relationship Management
  3. Work Order Automation

These modules are scalable--meaning that they can be added as you need them--and are the core of BAMBOO's comprehensive suite of tools.

Accounting & Rent Automation (E-Payment)

Manually performing the administrative work related to rent management and payment processing is time-consuming and error-prone. A centralized, secure system allows you to save time and effort by securely managing the financial aspects of your properties from a single system.

BAMBOO™ eliminates the headaches and paperwork involved in managing rent and payments by making rent: [More]

Real-world Impact:
The Accounting & Rent Automation module has saved a small residential housing company over $7,000/year in streamlined operations.

Tenant Relationship Management (E-Application)

Many aspects of the Tenant-Manager relationships can be taken online, saving both parties time and ensuring a higher degree of accuracy.

BAMBOO™ provides property managers with a more efficient way to manage relationships with tenants in a number of ways: [More]

Real-world Impact: The Tenant Relationship Management module has allowed property managers to work confidently from remote locations, even when managing large portfolios.

Work Order Automation (E-Automation)

BAMBOO™ includes a robust system for monitoring and managing the daily upkeep of multiple units and properties. Create work orders, track job progress, handle purchasing and receiving, and process payables - all from the BAMBOO™ system. [More]

Real-world Impact: Work Order Automation has empowered a local property manager to streamline her maintenance duties, resulting in more quickly satisfied tenants.

Comprehensive Reporting
BAMBOO™ offers a wide variety of executive and detailed reports to help property managers track and present their property's performance. Highlighted reports include:

  • Real-time Cash-flow Report
  • Real-time Rent-roll Report
  • Real-time Maintenance Cost Report
  • Work Order Status Report
  • Vacancy Trend Analysis and Status Report
  • Weekly status information to streamline preparation of lease notices, lease expirations/renewals and move-ins
  • Vacancy Forecast Report
  • Track profitability and other operational-critical reports
  • Preventative Maintenance Analysis and Report
...and customized reports on any other aspect of operational activity or performance.